"Shang De" (尚德) in Chinese means "the highest virtues" - a code of conduct for all beings in our daily lives. We firmly believe that one must master the virtues of obligation, integrity, loyalty, trust, respect, benevolence, peace and harmony before mastering the art of kung fu. Our association is a non-profit society committed to teaching traditional Chinese kung fu and tai chi. All instructors teach openly to all who want to learn these arts.

Sigung Chiu Chuk Kai (趙竹溪)

Sigung Chiu Chuk Kai


Sigung Chiu Chuk Kai of the Tai Chi Praying Mantis kung fu system was born in Shandong, China. He lived and trained Northern Shaolin kung fu before entering the Tai Chi Praying Mantis kung fu system under Sitaigung Chi Sow Jun (遲守進).

As one of the "Ten Tigers from the North", Sigung built his reputation as one of the best Chinese martial artists in those turbulent times of life and death combat. His students numbered in the tens of thousands from schools in Guangzhou, Macau, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Sifu Tom Ng (吳大民)

Sifu Tom Ng was interested in the martial arts from an early age and learned various fighting styles in his hometown of Hong Kong, all the while hoping to meet a great master. His search ended when he met Sigung Chiu Chuk Kai. He lived with Sigung for three years and trained intensively day and night, focusing primarily on Tai Chi Praying Mantis fighting techniques and qigong. Sifu Tom became Chiu Chuk Kai's sixth graduate disciple and an 8th-generation disciple of the Tai Chi Praying Mantis kung fu system.

Sifu Tom moved to Canada in 1972 to teach as head instructor at the Canadian Ging Wu Kung-Fu Club in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He established the Shang De Tai Chi Praying Mantis Martial Arts Association in 1998 with two of his disciples: Sifu Benedict Ma and Sifu Bill Gee. Sifu Tom passed away on August 29, 2016.

Sifu Benedict Ma (馬立生)

Sifu Benedict (Ben) Ma began his traditional kung fu training in November, 1966 in Canada, studying Hung Gar under the wing of Sifu Stan Q. Lee, Sifu Mark Chan and Sifu Joe Mack with the Chinese Buinessmen's Association in Edmonton. In 1969 Sifu Stan Q. Lee opened the Canadian Ging Wu Kung-Fu Club and Sifu Ben became one of the instructors until 1972, when Ging Wu was forced to shut down due to family and work commitments. It reopened in 1993, and Sifu Ben was the Hung Gar sifu there until 1997.

Sifu Ben Ma (left), Sifu Tom Ng (center) and Sifu Bill Gee (right)

Sifu Bill Gee (朱国賢)

Sifu Bill Gee started his martial arts training under Sifu Ben Ma at the Canadian Ging Wu Kung-Fu Club in the 1970s. There he learned the Tai Chi Praying Mantis system from Sifu Tom. In addition to his expertise in Tai Chi Mantis, Sifu Bill received his black sash in Seven Star Praying Mantis kung fu from Sifu Mike Purnell and Sifu Bolton (Kwing Fai) Kung in 1988.